Freedom and Responsibility


 "A child wants to freely develop and constantly perfect himself. He is not an empty vessel. Education is a complete process, it is necessary to support it from the very beginning-from conception. It's a life-long process." Maria Montessori

Every person is unique when he/she is born into the world, with his/her own gifts, likes, talents and tasks. At our Újezd nad Lesy Kindergarten we respect the unique path of every pupil and we are aware that we cannot create tasks and a programme that are the same for all children at the same moment.

Being free means for a child that he/she can select his/her activities from what he/she knows. He/she chooses where he/she will work, when he/she will work and for how long. And also who he/she will work with-whether by him/herself or with fellow pupils.

A free choice enables children to do what most attracts them, and therefore effectively make use of their sensitive period. Children feel more respected, there is no need to motivate them for activities and they willingly accept responsibility for their decisions.

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