We provide individual teaching by professional teachers with many years of experience, with emphasis on a kindly approach to developing the talents of every individual. Pleasant, bright, airy space in a family villa in Újezd nad Lesy near Klánovice Forest with a large, peaceful garden and its own children's playground provides a harmonious framework for teaching in our Private Kindergarten with forest kindergarten elements. 

" "The aim of education and wisdom is to see one's life path clearly, walk along it carefully, remember the past, know the present and foresee the future."."

John Amos Comenius

Why come to Us?

"We are the holders of a Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Medal for Exemplary Teaching; high quality and safe teaching are priorities at Andělská Kindergarten in Újezd na Lesy. We prefer an individual approach to every pupil, we teach in small groups. Teaching takes place in a family villa with a garden close to Klánovice Forest."

Kindergarten Founder and Headteacher Ing. arch. Nina Hedwic Hrdinová

Individual Approuch

At Andělská Kindergarten we place emphasis on an individual approach to each pupil, we realise that every person is born as a unique being with his or her own talents that need to be developed and supported.

Positive Motivation

At our kindergarten we believe that empathy, warmth, and a friendly and humble approach by the teacher will create a peaceful environment that children will be happy to come to and that will contribute to the creation of trust between pupils, teachers, parents...


We realise that you are entrusting your most valuable treasure to us when you send them to our kindergarten. We approach the safety of our pupils like a conscientious gardener, who, with everyday kindly care, supports the growth of small buds in his garden.

Being in the Countryside

We like the idea of forest kindergartens and place great emphasis on our children being outside in the countryside. In the kindergarten we often make use of the opportunity to play in the garden or in a park, and we run trips into the forest. 

Montessori Elements

During teaching at the Andělská Kindergarten in Újezd nad Lesy we work with principles in accordance with the Montessori method, we make use of playrooms equipped with aids and toys for this method.

Healthy Eating

In addition to emphasis on a high-quality teaching team with the appropriate education and experience, as well as a suitable environment both in the kindergarten's interior and in the countryside, we pay attention in our private kindergarten to healthy eating, and we teach environmentally-friendly principles.