Birthday Party


Are you looking for a non-traditional programme for your children's party? Do you and your children no longer enjoy sitting around with inflatable balloons? Our Andělská Kindergarten offers you a learn-through-play programme that will not only excellently entertain little birthday boys and girls and their friends, but will also familiarise them with new creative technologies. We can design a made-to-measure programme just for your group. We don't determine a strict programme, but we let you, as the biggest experts on your children, be part of the preparation team for the whole party.

What do we offer?

  • Teaching in several languages (Czech, English, German, French, Russian...)
  • Wide-ranging programme (painting with water colours, painting on glass, painting on silk, marbling, sculpture workshop, mosaics, ...)

Are you interested in having a party at the kindergarten? Contact us!Contact