Forest Kindergartens


We are inspired by the ideas of forest kindergartens.

Forest kindergartens are linked by an interest in education in year-round and everyday contact with nature, with emphasis on sustainable development. Education and the countryside are equally important in this approach. The aim of being in the countryside is to educate the children and teach them not only colours and counting, but also awareness of the basic conditions for life on Earth through real experience with it.

Forest kindergartens are an alternative to traditional pre-school education. They place emphasis on children being in the countryside and education outside classrooms, in the countryside, most frequently in a forest. The children rest in facilities of various types (yurt, chalet, caravan, etc.). They also have their spare clothes and aids for going out there. Children from forest kindergartens, however, do not spend the whole year in the forest. Visiting cultural events and public institutions are an integral part of the programme.

(source: Association of Forest Kindergartens)